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The Turner Report: Religious hatred in the heart of Joplin.


Religious hatred in the heart of Joplin

(The following is my latest Huffington Post blog)

 Less than three months have passed since thousands of people walked side by side down the path taken by a tornado one year earlier. It was a symbol of how far the city of Joplin has come in such a short time.
The Day of Unity was an inspirational scene for those who stood along that path and for those who saw it on the news- people of all ages, all colors, and varying religious beliefs coming together to celebrate the feel-good story of the town that had conquered the forces of nature, the town that refused to die.
Somewhere in that story of tornado to triumph, another story was waiting to be told. While thousands marched in broad daylight, headed toward tornado-stricken Cunningham Park, others waited to make their entrance in the dead of night, offering a counterpoint to the sunshine and warmth.
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